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Beautiful Ceremonies


San Francisco Wedding Officiant

Priestess of Love

A beautiful ceremony is the very heart of your wedding
Your Love Story – in your own words – then exchanging vows and rings Your families and friends together Pronounce you “Husband and Wife”

Seal your vows with a KISS! What a beautiful ceremony!

Eloping allows just the couple and an officiant to meet and have a private ceremony. At a beach, garden, forest, elopements in nature are relaxed yet memorable. A wedding ceremony can be held at home or in the backyard and still be a grand moment. Wineries, restaurants, community centers all gladly host gatherings of families and friends.

​ Tears of JOY are likely to flow at weddings. Why do we cry from happiness? The very love we all seek because we know it to be the most precious in all the world stands there before us, declaring endless commitment – so deeply touching that our own hearts overflow with emotion!
Marriage affirms a partner to love and be loved by for all of your life… CONGRATULATIONS!
Your ceremony expresses your unique LOVE – call to begin now.

Judith Iam, warm and wise, has been officiating wondrous weddings for over 20 years. Happy to create your entirely custom wedding for you. Call or text. Blessings!

Wedding Officiant * Priestess of Love


Hi. Congratulations on finding the love of your life and deciding to get married!
Nothing is more wonderful than finding your person and committing to stay together,
caring for each other for keeps.

Your wedding can be however you like:
* Eloping, just the two of you – precious.
* With family and friends – of course.
* Outdoors? fun!
I am happy to help plan your wedding –
and the ceremony is the *HEART* of your wedding.

I create authentic, warm wedding ceremonies with, for and about the two of you.
Your own Love Story precedes your vows, making your wedding personal, unique and memorable.
I’ll send your Love Story questions right over, just ask. Call, text or email anytime. Planning is really fun.

Reasonable fees, great communication and a truly beautiful wedding ceremony.
Looking forward to celebrating your LOVE and MARRIAGE,

Judith Iam

(Officiant 20+ years, always delighted and honored to perform each wedding)

P.S. Glad to help you find a location – beach, forest, river, park, garden, restaurant, community center.
Your home or backyard?

You’re invited to call me now, or text ahead for phone date.

Let's create your perfect wedding ceremony